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Orange box collab

2008-05-16 10:13:53 by assasinrabbit

yay the orange box collab is commin out within days!!!!
cant wait :D

orange box collab

2008-03-29 02:13:43 by assasinrabbit

lol im kinda late on sayin this but join the orange box collab :D free spots until 17th april 0783

the radish collab

2008-03-06 10:40:07 by assasinrabbit 1923 here if you want to join the collab, we still got plenty of free spots :D

all right so this is the thing, im lookin for a script writer for episodes of PAML which is a series which im makin, people say the animation is kind of decent and all that, the scriptwriter will be co-authored in all the submisions for which he writes a script for (logic)

so anyone interested? you dont need any experience, I just need someone who has a sence of humor and plot. if ya interested PM me

Need ur opinion

2007-11-18 01:39:55 by assasinrabbit

All right, look Im doing a presentation about trade along the pacific, I hope it goes good. This is a part of the presentation, its not really finished yet but whatever. most ppl are using powerpoint or just pastin pictures on the board. Any idea how I could improve the presentation?

first entry thingy

2007-08-20 17:04:28 by assasinrabbit

and summer has almost ended and I have to leave my home (czech republik) and go to the country where my parents work (pakistan) dude I seriously dont wana go. I mean no more places to hang out, scared of kidnappin, heat and of course no more pork= bad food.
well hope ya have a nice time this year... il try to lol

oh and just one question, do ya find sterilyzin a female dog right or wrong? cuz my dog needs to get puppies but people in da pk really hate dogs (at least most of em) so il probably have to sterilize my dog